Music Release: Sencit Music’s Tenth Dimension: Imagination

  Another album on the shelf as a contributing composer for Sencit Music! The industry-release, Tenth Dimension: Imagination, features fantasy and adventure music, where I had the opportunity to throw some whimsy and fun into a bombastic sound. Such a blast, and really great working with the Sencit team again and having three tracks make it onto the final disc.… Read more →

Anyone who says failure is not an option has also ruled out innovation.

– Seth Godin

Music featured in Runner, Runner trailer

I am pleased to announce that one of my compositions from the Sencit Music album Tenth Dimension: Singularity is being used in a trailer for 20th Century Fox’s Affleck/Timberlake feature Runner, Runner. Justin Timberlake is a hometown hero from my native Memphis, Tennessee, so it was an extra special welcome into the trailer-music world for me. Stay tuned for more…we’ll be… Read more →

Sonic Prose: Giving Text a Musical Voice

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of joining an art project conceived by Melanie McLain.  She enlisted programmer and math super-genius Kree Cole-McLaughlin to begin the programming side of an idea to write a piece of software that could read text and turn it into music.   Her previous examinations into speech and writing led her naturally to… Read more →

Izotope BreakTweaker released!

After needing to stay under the radar on this one for a while, I can now announce that I contributed a number of presets to Izotope’s new “drum sculpting and beat sequencing environment” BreakTweaker. This particular project also gave me the opportunity to work with one of my dearest friends and creative inspirations, Anthony Baldino. In particular, our work can… Read more →

Client Spotlight: Joyride

Because this project is still very much in development and is rapidly evolving, I will avoid many specifics about the project itself, but it has been a challenging and rewarding effort so far. I was added to the Joyride team initially to provide a viewpoint about audio-centric user interface design. See, Joyride is focused on providing a fun and engaging… Read more →

Client Spotlight: Sencit Music

It has been my great pleasure to begin working with the incredibly talented team at Sencit Music. They are a premiere music production company specializing in film trailers, game trailers, and custom scoring. Sencit’s founder, Mike Zarin, made waves in the film advertising community with his now iconic Inception teaser, and the company continues to expand and produce music with… Read more →

Music Sound Design: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I am happy to again be working with composer Theodore Shapiro on “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Directed by and starring Ben Stiller, this realization of the James Thurber short story brought about the opportunity for some new sounds, including rhythmic clock-based ticking sounds and a whole bevy of new pads and ambiences. Working with Shapiro is always a… Read more →

Segment Intro Music for’s Tech News Today

This is just a quick post that after years of being a fan and listener to Leo LaPorte’s various technology news and information vehicles, I had the opportunity to create some music stings for one of their netcasts, “Tech News Today”.  This past year included the ongoing litigation blitzkrieg dubbed the “Patent Wars”, with technology companies suing one another for patent… Read more →