Sound Design

Score Sound Design: Black Panther

It has been thrilling to see how much both audiences and critics are enjoying Black Panther. On this one, I was again called up by composer Ludwig Göransson to provide some additional processed textures. Ludwig went to amazing lengths learning and recording source material on a trip to Senegal. Follow him on instagram (@ludwiggoransson) to see some behind-the-scenes highlights. It’s always a… Read more →

Childish Gambino VR vinyl released

Childish Gambino’s latest album, “Awaken, My Love”, has been released with a special limited edition Virtual Reality vinyl. Childish Gambino teamed up with Microsoft to bring the new album into new artistic and tech territory. This special edition includes a VR headset inside the packaging, and provides an access code for using the VR app with your phone placed in… Read more →


Inspired by the great stuff seen by visual artists for Inktober (where artists are encouraged to make a single ink drawing every day for the month of October), Ali Cedroni (@AliCedroni) suggested that audio folks get their turn in November. Thus, #Noisevember was born! I’m happy to be participating in this challenge, and will be using it as a chance… Read more →

Client Spotlight: Joyride

Because this project is still very much in development and is rapidly evolving, I will avoid many specifics about the project itself, but it has been a challenging and rewarding effort so far. I was added to the Joyride team initially to provide a viewpoint about audio-centric user interface design. See, Joyride is focused on providing a fun and engaging… Read more →