Score Sound Design: Venom

This. Was. A. Blast. Always a pleasure to work with Ludwig Göransson, and doubly so this time. This was a chance to try some new techniques with contact mics, new patches for the Kyma, and contribute to a really energetic and dark score. It was also a reunion of sorts, as I was able to collaborate with another sound designer… Read more →

Sound Design: Childish Gambino’s This Is America Tour

  I’m very happy and grateful to help out again on a live Childish Gambino experience. This time, it was for the final Childish Gambino live tour, This Is America. The team assembled to put on this full experience was outstanding. The visuals, lighting, stage design, and show concept were all executed by world-class artists. My role was adding a… Read more →

An array of speakers surrounding a listener

Article: Spatial Audio Plugins in Unity

I wrote a guest article for, covering a deep dive into three major audio spatialization plugins. This is to help show both audio folks and developers how to listen to different spatializers and how to determine which one your project should use. VR creators will find this information especially helpful. DesigningSound is a wonderful resource and I’m proud to… Read more →

Score Sound Design: Black Panther

It has been thrilling to see how much both audiences and critics are enjoying Black Panther. On this one, I was again called up by composer Ludwig Göransson to provide some additional processed textures. Ludwig went to amazing lengths learning and recording source material on a trip to Senegal. Follow him on instagram (@ludwiggoransson) to see some behind-the-scenes highlights. It’s always a… Read more →

Childish Gambino VR vinyl released

Childish Gambino’s latest album, “Awaken, My Love”, has been released with a special limited edition Virtual Reality vinyl. Childish Gambino teamed up with Microsoft to bring the new album into new artistic and tech territory. This special edition includes a VR headset inside the packaging, and provides an access code for using the VR app with your phone placed in… Read more →

Score Sound Design: Ghostbusters

Talk about a childhood dream realized! I teamed up again with Theodore Shapiro to provide him a new toolbox of horror sounds for the Ghostbusters reboot. Screaming metals on dry ice, bowed cymbals, lots of bizarre contact microphone recordings, animal sounds, deep heart-thumps, and a ton of Kyma processing ended up with a big delivery of spooky new material.   Read more →

Score Sound Design: Zoolander 2

Here’s another Ben Stiller movie that I am happy to be part of. Theodore Shapiro’s comedy scores are known for playing it straight to let the humor in the scene not get over-the-top, and this is another great example of that. I recorded tons of new material for percussion, synths, atmospheres, and hard-hitting fashion beats. This was also a project where… Read more →

Commercial placement: Tide

I wrote a custom music track for the latest Tide ad campaign, through Massive Music New York. This series was created to emphasize safe practices when using Tide laundry pods. You can watch the spot here: Read more →

Spy poster

Score Sound Design for Spy

I once again had the opportunity to work with veteran film composer Theodore Shapiro for the movie Spy. We built up a library of ticking and tocking loops for adding tension, as well as some custom sounds to be used as a thematic “danger” tone. As of this posting, Spy currently holds a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and was… Read more →