I snatch up any opportunity to use the power of sound in a creative way. My collaborators are films, games, concerts, art installations, and software. My contributions are music, sound, interactive audio, design, and user experience expertise.

It is a rare day that I am writing a song or creating sounds to work through my own story, but I am fascinated by how sound and song move someone else or make someone’s visuals come to life. Early on, it seemed clear to me that the audio of a person’s world can influence their perspective.

I started on this path by studying film music and sound design at Berklee College of Music, taking just about every course I could, and graduating with two degrees in three years. Those skills sent me to Los Angeles, where I had the pleasure of collaborating with brilliantly creative individuals working at the highest levels. Always dipping a hand into different projects and varied roles, I developed and honed my abilities on multiple fronts of audio production.

It was also during this time that I began doing more independent study and research into the psychology of sound. An afternoon at a Fox Studios recording session with an 80-piece orchestra ended with an evening in a biopsychology lecture. I discovered the amazing work being done by neuroscientists and psychologists covering aspects of creativity, perception, and well-being. I knew that I was a builder at heart, and thought maybe I could bring some of the theoretical work of these brilliant researchers into practical applications that could reach real people. I moved to the San Francisco Bay area to surround myself with the energy of the tech community, the passion for new and challenging ideas, and the occasional breezy day of real Fall weather.

While in San Francisco, I accepted a position at Apple as a Content Designer for their music recording software (Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Music Memos). Being a Content Designer at Apple meant wearing many hats and dipping into many projects across different apps and ecosystems. Along the way, I found a real passion project in working on the interactive touch instruments for GarageBand iOS, where many people might have their first experience using creative music software of any kind.

I left Apple to return to Los Angeles and focus deeply on interactive audio in VR/AR. It feels like the perfect intersection of what I love best: interactive systems, richly immersive audio, and a dash of psychology.

So here I am. Making sounds. Writing music. Programming and designing audio-centric experiences. And most rewarding of all, guiding others on the power of audio. People figured out that visual experience and design was about more than just being pretty, and that it changes how people feel. I try to evangelize that audio has that same power. I encourage you to open your ears and really listen to the world you create for yourself and the world you create for your audience.


Chris lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their scruffy dog Frankie.